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Suzuki TL1000R review

What a sleeper deal !
Written: Oct 18 '08

Product Rating: Product Rating: 4.0
Handling And Control:
Quality and Craftsmanship:
Pros: Awesome sounding with yosh pipes.
Lots of power.
Flickable in the twisties.
Very sexy looking !

Cons: Runs hot in stop n go traffic.
Only bout 135 miles to a tankful.

The Bottom Line: Best bang for your buck, a must buy!!

mrmajestic's Full Review: 2000 Suzuki TL1000R
I was never a Suzuki fan... I always rode Kawasaki and the occasional Honda, but I always liked the looks of the TLR. So after blowing the motor on my re-worked ZX-11, I went shopping for a ZX-12 and hidden in the corner was the '02 TLR priced at 4k. Well my wife was about to have a baby, so I'm on a budget. After a couple of visits and a 12 no where in my price range. I succumb to the price and good looks...MAN OH MAN !!! This was the BEST purchase I've ever made, I keep pushing the bike to find flaws and I find myself more and more pleased with the bike. I've done long hauls on this bike 5 hrs. one way (I'm 6'4" and 305 lbs.) and was reasonably comfortable . It's a solid bike well built even with it being a V twin, The guys I've come up against haven't left me in the twisties or on the straights. Top end I hear is 163mph but I haven't been in that neighborhood yet ( 140 mph with some throttle left ). I Can't wait to get the power commander and some track time. The one down side is while leaning it tends to drift wide.


TL1000R Reviews
superbikeking's Full Review: 2000 Suzuki TL1000R
This Superbike comes with one of the strongest race inspired twins ever created (121hp at the rear wheel-MotorCyclist Magazine). I own a 2001 TL1000R in the Hornet Yellow. The twin sounds and performs best with aftermarket exhaust and air filter systems.
My recommendations are either a Yoshimura RS3 Race system or an M4 Race system. Both are evenly priced and produce similar numbers on the dyno. Regardless of which system you choose, a Power Commander (PCII) II or III Fuel Injection Enhancer is a definate must. I installed everything on my bike in about 2 and 1/2 hours. The remapping with the PCII was as simple as downloading a program onto your PC. One thing I discovered that was very bad with the stock exhaust system was that the metal O-ring that connected the twin pipes under the motor was crushed and looked more like a D-ring. This probably led to the minor throttle problems I had or even created an exhaust leak.

The performance of the TLR is superb for a chunker. At 490 wet, this "Beast" does tend to slow in the corners, but after losing 25 pounds with the new Yoshimura RS3 full exhaust system it's now a joy to test the Dunlops. There are a few other ways to strip the weight, but this can get expensive. At 465 wet, I'm happy. I'm a 200 pounder anyway, so no matter what I ride I'm heavier than the next guy.

The throttle response with the new PCII is imminent. No hesitation, compared to stock form, and midrange punch is now amazing. I thought it was fun to ride stock! The first 3 gears were boosted dramatically, and the top end picked up a little. The use of the top end, however, is rarely seen by the every day street rider.

I have friends with CBR929's, R1's GSXR750's and 1000's, but they have not been able to use any of their bikes' potential. The TLR flies through the gears at RPM's compatible to street riding. After hitting the freeway, however, it's time to play catch up... a trade I accepted when I sold my 99 R1. After the few mods I made, the catch up turned into, who's the better rider... that is until my buddy's upgrade their bikes.

If I wanted a die hard racer I would have kept the Yammy R1, but commuting, long trips, or even sport touring on that bike was out of the question. With my size, I was constantly flexing my wrists after each stop. A real pain, especially when the bike's seating position forces your upper body onto your wrists. No problem with the TLR. The seating position for big is perfect.

The TLR comes with the optional rear seat. The rear seat is a big comfortable cushion that is easily swapped out with the factory rear cowl. Either way you ride, the bike looks good. The only complaint on appearance would be the dull headlight cover. I thought Suzook would surely go crystal clear like on all the newer modeled Sport and Superbikes.

The last thing on the TLR is the potential numbers for those of you looking to upgrade from stock. After the exhaust, air filter, and Power Commander installs I took the "Beast" to be fine tuned at a local performance shop. After 3 dynos and a little remapping, my TLR produced a whopping 129 hp at the rear wheel at 8600 RPMs. (Stock power on this TLR was amazing, since the average stock TLR produces anywhere from 118 to 121 hp at the rear wheel.) My technician believed the aftermarket accessories I installed and he perfected gave my bike about 9 HP. Rumors say the M4 may give you 1 more hp all around the power band. We'll see once my buddy picks up his new TLR in the Suzuki Team Blue.

I recommend you fine tune your bike before accepting the upgrades as is. After the remapping and fine tuning, my TLR not only performed better, but gave me about 11 more miles to the gallon. The "Beast" is now unleashed and sounds amazing. Only this 996cc V-Twin can produce the sound of that it does. No four bangers even come close.

TL1000R: Like a Trained Vegas Tiger
Written: Dec 10 '00 (Updated Dec 31 '00)

Product Rating: Product Rating: 5.0
Pros: Fast and Very Powerful, Good Handling

Cons: Really Large, Has to be Driven not Ridden

EdTeach's Full Review: 2000 Suzuki TL1000R
This brute even looks intimidating. It's Suzuki's latest V-Twin answer to the liter bike craze. This bike hasn't really changed much over the last three model years. I suppose Suzuki has kept busy updating their Gixxer 750 and now the 600 and 1000. It just so happens that the TLR hasn't needed upgrades.

Quick Specs

The TL1000R is a 996cc 90 degree fuel injected V-Twin. The R indicates that this bike is the full faring version. Suzuki has come under fire for this bike's looks. I'll admit the big swooping body work does somewhat hide the bike's girth. But then tucking behind the shield at 145 mph feels like you're just putting around the interstate. The faring does a tremendous job of getting you out of the wind and keeping the bike on the ground. It literally sucks you into the pavement.


This bike definitely wasn't designed to take any high speed records though. We'll let Suzuki push that envelope with the GSXR1300 Hayabusa. This bike was destined for the race track. Stock, it's got around 117 hp at the rear wheel. But that's not where it's merits lie. Since it's a twin, this bike has tons of torque to quickly catapult you into your power band, which is naturally lower anyway. So while your buddies on their Gixxers are quickly trying to rev their bikes up to get at their horse power, you are yards ahead. And then you're slowing down for a curve or a light, so they never really got to flex their muscle.


This is by no means a lightweight sport bike. Here are some dimensions stolen from Suzuki's Site:

Overall Length: 2100mm (82.6 in.)
Overall Width: 740mm (29.1 in.)
Overall Height: 1120mm (44.0 in.)
Seat Height: 825mm (32.5 in.)
Ground Clearance: 120mm (4.7 in.)
Wheelbase: 1395mm (54.9 in.)
Dry Weight: 197kg (434 lbs.)

So it's not one of those small finesse running backs like Warrick Dunn. I'd say more of a Mike Alstott.

So you would suspect that a bike like this would be just another point-and-shoot muscle bike, but it's not. Suzuki overcame this by giving it aggressive geometry, good stock suspension, and excellent stoppers. And to top it off, they've delivered it in a package that responds well to some aggressive input. It's not a Ducati: you're never going to be able to flick this bike through corners. But you can put a little muscle into it and slam it through the corner. Just be careful accelerating out on the stock tires. The engine is full of torque, and it will slide your back end around whether that was your intention or not if you lay on the gas.


I bike was stock when I bought it used (~800 miles), and I haven't done any modifications yet. But I've read that this bike does well with after market cans and a popular air box modification. We'll leave that for another epinion.

Decision 2000

If you're in the market for a big twin, but you can't go Italian, then this is a great bike. It's big though. You'll need to be a big physical rider. Or if you're undersized like myself at 5'7", then you'll need to pretend that you're a big physical rider. The bike responds well to strong input. Much like one of those Tigers out in Vegas, that they always warn you about. "This animal can tear it's trainer's head off in an instant. But the trainer's assertiveness and strong demeanor keep the lion in line." Right...



Awesome Bike!!!
What things have gone wrong with the car?

My gas tank needed to be resealed from the bottom by the fuel pump. This is a simple gasket fix or equivalent.

Rear seat or cowl loose. This just needs to be adjusted by the latch.
General comments?

The TL1000R is a great motorcycle. It has the speed, the torque, and the adrenaline rush motorcycle fanatics crave.

Even though the motorcycle is heavier in comparison to its competitors, it has the capability to keep up or outrun. As experienced motorcyclists know, its not the bike, but the rider. However, to be able to throw this bike around you must have the size. I am 6'4'' and 270lbs. Many of my friends can't handle it!
5th Feb 2006, 17:14

Your size doesn't matter here, it is the experience (My 5th bike and 12 years on sport-bikes). I am only 5'10" 185 lbs. and I tear up the asphalt with this bike. Shift from first to 2nd in the middle of the power-band and just ride out all of 2nd in a wheelie. I can get my bike almost scraping on some turns and I only ride it on the street (That is with a passenger too). This beast rocks!

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21st Feb 2006, 11:13

I agree with the man above me! I'm 5'11'' and 165 lbs, I throw this bike to the GROUND at any speed and feel the weight of the bike is responsible for its stability and perfect balance. I can actually roll backwards down hill without dropping a foot due to the PERFECT balance of this motorcycle. **Always remember** In a world of dainty and small sportbikes, THE FAT GIRLS NEED LOVIN TOO!!! (They'll do you right everytime;)

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4th Mar 2006, 23:52

I'm 5.6" and weigh 120lbs! My TL1000r is amazing.

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5th May 2006, 15:21

The Tl1000R, like all Sport Bikes, is only as fast as the rider is willing to push the envelope. True, the latest crop of litre bikes are lighter and more powerful, but ask any owner of a Tiller with the complimentary modifications (Power Commander, Full Yosh exhaust, sprockets, and dropping the nose to quicken the steering) and you'll find out that the TL is capable of not only keeping pace, but when conditions are favorable, out gun about anything rolling.

Now on the other hand, the TL is heavy and requires you to man handle the beast. Stepping off of a Yamaha R-1 onto the Tiller, the R-1 feels like a very fast dirt bike, the TL feels like (Forgive me fellow Tiller owners) a ZX-12 that handles. All true fans of the Tiller know the advantages of the V-Twins broad torque curve, (even if it is down on horse power compared to in-line fours). Once you've ridden a Sporting V-Twin, and felt that seat of the pants feeling of having torque everywhere, and a exhaust note that turns heads, you'll be hooked.

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11th Jun 2006, 21:57

I agree with all said. I have an 02 tiller, I'm only 5'7" and 185 and I love to toss this bike into turns. In trying to find this bike, I rode a busa, gixxer 1000 and a cbr 954, and while they have their respective place (the gixxer was the most fun of the three), nothing brought a smile to my face like the raw sound of the v twin. Torque everywhere, and I felt like I was holding it back rather than making it go. She sounds angry and has the walk to back up the talk.

While you are going to spend a little more in aftermarket (than others) getting this bike to where it was meant to be... it's well, well worth it. I'll take (and have) anyone who tempts, and unless you are planning on doing a top end race at 170+ or whatever insane speed (see you in the morgue), you won't find much that will keep up.


Road Test TL1000R
Suzuki TL1000R

by Lee Meyer

The Rocket Doc with TL1000R.

Suzuki introduced the all-new TL1000R model this past summer as a mid-year addition to its lineup for '98. At first glance I was fairly disappointed. All new frame--similar to the GSXR750, full bodywork in blue and white ala GSXR, etc., etc. Basically everything I liked about the TL1000S was gone except the engine. And rumor had it that was changed as well. Nothing against the GSXR750, it's a fine motorcycle, just not at all my taste in machinery. I have a thing for horsepower and torque in big numbers and I don't like to wait until 10,000 rpm for it to arrive. This pretty much limits the bikes I like to own or ride to the liter-class and up.

Suzuki's antiGSXR.Now, after staring at this blue and white TLR everyday on the show floor, I started to notice that a GSXR it was not. The paint job was pretty good camouflage though. The front cowling seems to envelop the whole front suspension and wheel assembly. The fairing nose actually protrudes beyond the front axle a bit. Ram Air scoops reside along the sides of the cowling and have something of the look of fighter jet air intakes.

Then something interesting happened. On the other end of the shop a new bike was being uncrated. I noticed it was yellow?! I like yellow. And sporty--I like sporty too. It was a TL1000R--very neato indeed. This was way cool, this I liked. The funny thing is you could park a yellow TL next to a Blue and White one and to me, at least, they are two different motorcycles. That yellow bike is just super cool, and that other one is, well, sort of a GSXR. Now after having to look at that wicked-cool yellow TLR for about a week, I could take it no more. I bought it. The first brand new vehicle I had ever owned was this bitchin' yellow TL1000R Suzuki.

Other than having a V-Twin engine the TLR and the TLS share very little. The rotary damper is still there on the R, but is now easily accessible, unlike the S models. The swingarm is heavily braced and the frame is a more conventional twin beam that looks considerably stronger than even a GSXR's. Brakes are improved with six piston calipers up front rather than the four on the S. About the only things unchanged in the engine are the cases and the crankshaft. The R model received forged pistons, stronger connecting rods, bigger cams and two injectors with 52 mm throttle bodies rather than the one on the S. All of this means lots of torque in the low and mid rpm range and lots of horsepower up high, 11,000 RPM high. The new R model's engine is quite rev-happy and actually feels like it's being lugged below five thousand rpm. This does give the S model an advantage around town or as a daily commuter, it's big torque at low rpm comes in handy. Once you twist the R's engine above six thousand though, you'll notice these are very different machines. The trip from six to eight thousand rpm gets your attention in a hurry, which is good, because from eight thousand up the thing is just plain king-hell fast. If you're not on the ball here you may blink and find yourself staring straight up at the sky. The engine is a marvelous piece of engineering indeed.

Now, I have some owners thoughts and opinions. I've put nearly 3,000 miles on my yellow beastie so far. The only modification I've done is installing a pair of Yoshimura's Titanium Race Mufflers. They look nearly stock but for their massive exit tips. (If you call Yosh direct, you can request that they leave off their emblem, helping to keep that stock look). The race cans are not cheap, but sound bitchin. Fuel injection handles the change in exhaust flow easily enough. The added sound will set off car alarms as you ride by though. I find this quite amusing, however some people may not. On road trips of several hundred miles or The bulbous, the TLR is surprisingly comfy. Handlebars are low but fairly close so there's not much reach, which helps keep fatigue at bay. I found I could lean forward and rest my elbows on my knees occasionally to give my wrists a break. Sounds cramped I know, but it is surprisingly cozy.

The seat basically sucks, my arse gets numb after a fairly short time of non-sport riding. Suzuki does offer a gel seat that would help a bunch I believe, but I haven't plunked down the 150 bones or so to find out just yet. Just riding around town in stop and go traffic becomes no fun in a hurry. The nearly twelve to one compression engine heats up quickly and all that heat roasts my thighs and ass off at less than 20 mph. You can pretty give up the whole passenger idea unless the person you'll be hauling will be about five feet tall and 97 lbs. I gave my girlfriend a ride once, and after having her knees up around her ears for a while and melting her boots on the exhaust pipes, she pretty much stated there would be no repeat occurrence of the event. The bike looks better with the seat cowl on anyway.

Sporting weekend rides are where it's at, which is the main reason I bought the machine. It's a total gas on the curves man, that's where I dig it the most. Just pick a gear, point and torque your way through. Again, the engine is a major piece of work. Handling is excellent, it'll lean over way farther than most will push it, and grip of the road is very good. Some people bitch and moan about it being heavy. Whatever! I used to own a ZX-11; to me its way light. The bike does have a couple low to mid rpm throttle glitches that bug me but are fairly minor. My bike is the exception here, I've tuned and serviced many of these TL1000R's now and they all ran very nice. I'll sort mine out in time.

There are other sporty twins out there, some more comfy on long trips, some handle better (mostly in the hands of a pro only), none of them have near the guts of the Suzook. It's a nice compromise between race bike and sport-tourer. Next years TLR will not come in the all-yellow paint option, kind of a bummer. The blue & white will return and a new style with some yellow in it. Whatever color it is the TL1000R is bitchin.



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Prosedur Memohon permit ICP bagi kenderaan luar negeri

Peraturan bagi kenderaan dan pemandu asing yang memasuki Malaysia adalah berdasarkan Motor Vehicles (International Circulation ) Rules 1967.

Syarat Pengeluaran Permit Edaran Antarabagsa (ICP)

1. Mengemukakan borang JPJK9 dan syarat di atas dipatuhi. Borang permohonan adalah percuma.
2. Mematuhi dan diluluskan oleh pihak Pelabuhan Kastam Malaysia bagi membolehkan kenderaan terlibat dibawa masuk ke Negara Malaysia. (jika kenderaan dibawa masuk melalui pelabuhan)
3. Tempoh sahlaku ICP ialah 90 hari dan boleh dilanjutkan atas kelulusan Pengarah JPJ Negeri yang berkaitan bagi tempoh tambahan 90 hari yang tidak melebihi 180 hari dalam satu tahun.

Walaubagaimanapun peraturan ini dikecualikan kepada kenderaan motor dari Singapura dan Brunei.


A.Syarat Kemasukan Kenderaan Persendirian

1. Kenderaan hendaklah berdaftar di negara asal
2. Mempamerkan nombor pendaftaran didalam huruf Roman. (nombor pendaftaran merah dari Thailand tidak dibenarkan masuk)
3. Mempunya perakuan pendaftaran kenderaan dengan terjemahan Bahasa Malaysia atau Inggeris.
4. Mempunya perlindungan insurans Pihak Ketiga.(Insurans Malaysia)
5. Mematuhi peraturan dibawah Kaedah Pembinaan dan Peggunaaan 1959.
6. Cermin depan hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang 75% manakala cermin tepi dan belakang hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang 50%.
7. Mempunyai lesen memandu dengan terjemahan Bahasa Malaysia atau Inggeris.
8. Penunggang motosikal diwajibkan memakai topi keledar.
9. Pemandu kereta atau van diwajibkan memakai talipinggang keledar.

B.Syarat Kemasukan Kenderaan Perdagangan

1. Semua kenderaan barangan dan perkhidmatan awam termasuk decontrolled (pick-up) perlu mematuhi syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh Lembaga Perlesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (LPKP); Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Pelancongan, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan atau lain-lain pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan.
2. Pemandu kenderaan barangan, perkhidmatan awam dan decontrolled (pick-up) mesti mempunyai lesen Goods Driving Licence (GDL), Public Service Vehicle (PSV) dan Konduktor seperti yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan Malaysia.


Good Info--Thailand Bikes

Asia Bikes is an online motorcycle specialist agent for new and used motorcycles for sale in Thailand. Asia Bikes Thailand provides you with information about motorcycles for sale in Bangkok and around Thailand.
We work on a commission basis from the sale of a bike. We get commission from our shops not the customer once a motorcycle has been sold. Asia Bikes has been set up due to the lack of information in Thailand for foreigners. We hope to develop this site in the future for foreigners to make it better and easier for you when going to buy a motorcycle .If you would like Asia Bikes to find you your dream motorcycle then give us a call on (086) 992 4544, (086) 345 869 or just click on to contact us at the top of the page and email us for more information.

We work on a small commission so we can develop this site in the future and make it Thailand’s number one provider of motorcycles. We also want to make this site in to a reader’s site with a blog and the latest up to date information on bikes.

Some of our bikes have been shipped to Thailand from Japan, Europe and America and have not yet been registered. The process of registering a motorcycle in Thailand takes about four to six week. Prices for bikes go on size (cc) and model, and start from around 55,000Bht for a 400cc motorcycle up. All of our bikes are made road legal and come with invoice and government papers. Not all of our bikes are unregistered . Many types of bikes come in day by day. Please phone to see what bikes are available that have not yet been added to the Asia Bikes catolague.

Motorcycle licence Thailand

To apply for a motorcycle licence you will need a None-B visa or a None-O.Thai Licence
The government automobile registry office Chatuchak opposite Chatuchak market is the place where you get your motorcycle registered, and is also the place where you go to do your motorcycle test. The test it self is very easy, first of all you have to do a coordination test that is very basic, and then you have to hire a motorcycle that is 50BHT, or you could use your own motorbike.Then you make your way to a small track,it looks a bit like a go-cart track it's very basic. When you have a motorcycle you will then ride around the track one time only, stopping at the junction remembering to look left and right indicating, it’s so easy. When you pass your test, or if you pass your test you will then pay a price of 50BHT for your motorcycle licence. Your mororcycle licence will last one year. After the year expirers you then have to go back to the same office and apply for a five year motorcycle licence, the cost is around 250BHT.
The licence has 50 points on it .Like any other county if you commit an offence on your motorcycle points will be deducted, but that is up to the police man or police station you are dealing with. My advice is do not try to make your self look bad, take your ticket pay and move on. The reason you have probable been stopped is because you were on the right hand side of the road that only allows three wheeled automobiles and above rather than the inside lane on the left. The police will stop you if you go over or under a bridge that does not allow motorcycle access.

How to register your motorcycle with the department of transport in Thailand

First of all you will need a non-B or a non-O visa in your passport.Then you will need to go to your embassy and get a letter of proof of where you live, Embassy's will vary in price from about 1,500BHT to 2,000BHT a letter. If you have a work permit you may not need a letter from your embassy. If you are on the move a lot then you may want to put the address of your company on to your green book.Fees for changing your name to a book is 350BHT, the transfer fee is 100BHT, and then there is an extra fee of 5BHT that in total comes to 455BHT.Changing your number plate will cost you 100BHT.If you have a motorcycle and you want to change the color of it or it has been changed but not yet in the green book then that is an extra charge of 15BHT.

Tax and insurance

To tax and insure your motorcycle you will need the green book in your name, or your Thai wife's or Thai partners name,or a person that is Thai. Tax is 100BHT for one year for all motorcycles. Motorcycle insurance depending on the size (cc) starts at about 350BHT for a small bike and up to 1000BHT for a big bike, this is only at a transport department's office, this is a government insurance policy not a private policy, private policy's will probably charge you more for the same thing. Insurance in Thailand will not be the same as in your home country. Make sure you get the full details of a policy before paying for one,you may not be covered for everything you want.

Documents for motorcycles in Thailand

Documents for motorcycles in Thailand.If a motorcycle does not have it's green book and plate (documentation) that is because it has been shipped in from a diffent country, it does not mean that it has been stolen. The motorcycle should have an invoice with it so you can get the correct documents.If it does not have the invoice don't buy it. Prices for documentationmotorcycle for sale thailand start from around 55,000Bht for 400cc motorcycles and up to 85,000Bht-100,000Bht for a 1600cc motorcycle.Prices go on make model and size(cc). Motorcycle made in Japan are cheaper than motorcycles made in America or Europe.If your bike is a Harley the cost of a book and plate is around 85,000Bht-100,000Bht and the same goes for BMW's, but if you have a Yamaha R1,GXS 1000cc,or any Japanese bike that is 1000cc it would cost less, around 70,000Bht-80,000Bht.


Peraturan membrek untuk kita kongsi bersama

Peraturan membrek untuk kita kongsi bersama....

Terdapat dua cara untuk memperlahankan atau memberhentikan motosikal
1)Dengan cara menutup trotol minyak
2)Dengan cara menarik dan menekan pedal brek.

1)Brek dengan kuat hanya semasa berjalan lurus
2)Membrek dalam masa yang awal
3)Tekanan brek hendaklah berubah-ubah mengikut permukaan jalan
4)Bila menuruni bukit yang curam dan berliku-liku, brek dengan kuat hanya dijalan lurus dan ringankan tekanan brek semasa didalam selekoh.Ingat kebaikan penggunaan gear yang lebih rendah semasa nenuruni bukit
5)Elakkan pengunaan brek hadapan bila motosikal sendeng atau sedang berpusing balik atau diatas permukaan jalan yang licin dan bahaya.

1)Diatas jalan yang baik,kering dan lurus 75% brek hadapan dan 50% brek belakang.
2)Diatas jalan yang baik tetapi basah 50% brek hadapan dan 50% brek belakang

1)Didalam keadan ini penunggang hendaklah taksir dengan cepat sama ada cukup kawasan untuk membrek dan berhenti atau elakan dan keluar dari kawasan bahaya
(pengalaman dekat genting dan nasi ambang syukur selamat)
2)Jika ia percaya boleh berhenti dengan selamat, brek depan dan belakang sekuat yang boleh tanpa mengunci roda-roda.Jika motosikal sendeng gunakan brek belakang sahaja.Pengunaan brek hadapan akan menyebabkan motosikal mungkin terbabas.

Sebelum jalan “adjust” brek tangan dan kaki supaya boleh bergerak dengan lincin mengikut tekanan yang dibuat.Minyakkan sambungan-sambungannya dan bebas dari kerosakan. Tentukan bahagian-bahagian brek yang bergerak tidak dihalang.Kemudian uji brek semasa berjalan.Dalam gear yang tinggi dan kelajuan dalam 50 km/j membrek dengan beransur-ansur kuat tanpa mengunci roda.(motosikal tidak mengelunsur).Jaga keselamatan lain-lain pengguna jalan raya untuk berbuat demikian


Green Book/Tabien Rot

Green Book/Tabien Rot
This is a document to take your vehicle out of Thailand.

Tabien Lote is booklet issued by Land Transport Dept & goes along with your number PLATES. It gets renewed yearly. On the anniversary of the day the vehicle was first registered.

It also gets stamped when a vehicle changes owners.
I was under the impression that once an International travel permit ( Tabien Rot) is issued it is valid for the life of the vehicle.

However looking at my document it shows the period of validity as 17/12/07 - 13/11/08 there is a position to extend the period within the permit so I suppose I have answered my own question but there is only 1 option to extend and the original period is odd and I just can't see the logic.

Any ideas?


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Motor Singapore
Ok guys, nie apa yg aku baru dpt in BLACK-N-WHITE setelah aku menulis kpd dorang semalam, at least better than when hear verbally from the officer. Things may changed in the future, aku tak tau :dontknow:

In short, alamat di-SGP diPERLUKAN. So, sesiapa yg ada kawan / saudara mcm ISI dgn KUKU kat SGP, bolehlah cuba, kalau berhajat. Dtg sendiri utk buat penukaran tersebut is the best. Masa yg diperlukan utk perkara2 tersebut, mungkin memerlukan dalam 2 – 3 jam secara keseluruhan, utk buat insurance, antar inspection sekali kalau perlu, kalau tak perlu ok lah, tak payah. Pastu ke LTA utk tukar nama (lebih baik dtg bersama owner yg kita nak beli motor tersebut, pasal IC dorang pun di-perlukan jugak).

Soal persetujuan jual beli motor dgn owner tu adalah soal lain, itu sendiri punya arranged lah, pd hari sebelumnya ker, pd minggu sebelumnya ker. Biasanya bila dah ada persetujuan, pakai air lior ajer tak laku. Nak jugak kena taruk 2-3 ratus sebagai booking fees serta surat perjanjian yg ringkas, disimpan oleh owner & buyer each. Selalunya aku buat SMS exchanges sahaja, dgn penerangan yg secara ringkas. Rasanya benda2 mcm gini dah kukuh sebagai bukti akan persetujuan jual beli tersebut. So far so good on my part. Baru owner akan kasi salinan logcard-nya utk kita buat insurance pd waktu yg lebih awal. Tanpa melihat salinan logcard, insurance company tak boleh terima. Masa kat LTA nanti, sementara menunggu # giliran kita naik, sebelum ke-kaunter, bayarlah owner tu sepenuhnya (owner tak perlu bersama kalau nak buat insurance, tak payah lah buang masa dorang).

Kalau pakai runner, form tu perlu di-isi & ditandatangani oleh si-runner tu & IC kedua2 si-penjual & pembeli (serta IC si-runner tu) di-perlukan, sebagai pengesahan bahawa dia di-wakilkan oleh ke-dua pehak.

Perkara2/barang2 yg perlu;

1 - both owner & buyer IC (rasanya jika alamat SGP di-perlukan, pemilek alamat tu serta IC-nya sekali MESTI nak ada bersama, kan? Ni kira logik lah ). Semua yg terlibat ada sama pun bagus jugak rasanya supaya senang bersoal jawab dgn LTA jika perlu nanti.

2 - Form yg dah di-isi & di-signed.

3 - Insurance.

4 - Surat inspection (kalau motor tu perlu menjalani inspection lah). Inspection cuma sub-$20 sahaja.

5 - DUIT (untuk buat transfer, dlm <$100 gitu & utk extend Road Tax, jika perlu).

Lagi yg perlu di-ingat, selalunya surat menyurat dorang (government body) ni very brief sekali. Ya lah dorang got to be on the safe side. Takut nanti bila dah sampai kat kaunter, duit dah bayar pd owner, dorang mintak work permitlah, surat sekolah menengahlah, surat berkhatanlah, surat cukur bululah dll. Kalau argue lebih2 nanti, MUNGKIN dorang boleh keluarkan clause itu & ini ... yg tu semua jgn salah kan aku huh ... aku sekadar berkongsi apa2 info yg aku tahu sahaja.

Cuma SATU yg PALING aku takuti kalau2 ia terjadi 9-bulan 10-hari kemudian; yang menunggang happy2, yg kasi tonggeng, tunggang langgang. Mana tau yg isi jadi anjing, yg kuku jadi kucing .... silap aribulan rumah si-‘alamat’ kat SGP tu kena ketuk pintunya tetengah malam pasal motor tak bawak balik utk di-inspection lah, road tax dah mati lah, motor terlibat dlm kemalangan yg serius lah, mak bapak awek yg kita bonceng tu mintak kita bertanggeng jawab lah dan apa2 lagi lah :dontknow:

Semua-nya sendiri mau ingat lah huhhhh :pray:


Date : 05-Aug-2009
Tel : 1800 2255 582
Fax : 6553 5329

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Malaysian Buying Singapore Vehicle

We refer to your enquiry on the above and wish to inform you that foreigners may own a Singapore registered vehicle. However, foreigners who owned a Singapore-registered vehicle must provide a local address in Singapore for all correspondences with the Authority.

For more information on buying of vehicle in Singapore, please visit our ONE.MOTORING Portal under the following:

We hope the information clarifies and that everything is in order. Should you need further assistance, please let us know.

Yours sincerely,
Xxxxxxx Xxx
Executive Service Officer
Customer Relations
Customer Services Division
Vehicle & Transit Licensing Group
Land Transport Authority


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Motor Siam

haloo bro togom,

1. motor ni ada pros n consnya...
- motor ni sangat berbaloi untuk pakai sebab ianya murah
- ia akan jadi tak berbaloi bila kena sita,

2. harga harga yang bro state tu, nampaknya kawan bro adalah seorang runner
yang "Mark-up sikit²" je

3. ok what motor siam,
permit memang percuma, itu dipanggil ICP (International Circulation Permit)
dan dikeluarkan percuma oleh JPJ selepas mengisi beberapa borang tertentu.

4. yer.. memang boleh renew lebih dari 3 bulan sekali.
tapi anda harus bodek Ketua Pengarah Negeri berkaitan,

5. jangan ingat ICP = Rm150 je.
Insuran Malaysia untuk 3 bulan sekali plak?
Rm78 = 3 bulan Kurnia Insuran.
so.. setahun?

6. Takde la kene kutuk, bergantung kepada minat seseorang.
daripada takut kene kutuk, baik la daripada tak merasa langsung.
macam macam ada..
SKA = Songkhla
BKK = Bangkok
RCB = Ranchaburi
YAL = Yala
(dan lain lain lagi..)

p/s = sekian daripada aku yang juga penggemar moto siam,

Bwa 985 Ska
Ok...aku cita sket aper yg aku tau...utk kawasan Songkla dan kawasan sewaktu dengannya termasuk Hatyai

1-Kalau Kat Hatyai.. Muto bigbike dia org tak stock kt kedai..kalu ndak..kedai muto kt sini boleh order dari from Bangkok..jika model yg anda ndak tu ada kt sana..jika tidak..Bangkok akan order direct drp Jepon..
*CB400 adalah sebijik dua kt kedai area Hatyai nihh..

2-Kos penghantaran dari Bangkok ke Hatyai...Bhat 10,000/RM1000 kalau tak..hang boleh ride dari Bangkok ke problem...1000km ++

3-Kalau di Thailand..jika and beli bigbike recond....jika price listed dlm RM20,000..pastikan dulu muto tu dh register ker belum..kalau belum..anda perlu add lagi RM6-7 ribu lagi utk register plate number..

4.Tapi kat sini..jika terpandang bigbike yg takder no pendaftaran dgn slambernya ronda kt Highwayker , town ker..kat sini kira no problem agi coz once polis tahan..owner boleh tunjuk confirm muto tu bukan muto curik..
tapi muto tu takboleh cross border...i.e ke Malaysia..taklepas..malaya still mau nombor jugak..

5-Penama..utk foraigner.. yg ni aku blur sket ,utk aku,urusan pendaftaran munkin mudah sket coz aku ada work permit + Passport,Opis latterhead letter,...bla,bla,bla...nasib dia org tak mintak surat branak ngan surat bersunat..kantoi..

Ok...anak-anak semua...sekian saja utk ari ini...insyaallah minggu depan dihari dan waktu yg sama..Ustaz akan bermesra agi dengan anak-anak ..Insyaallah ..sekian wasallammualaikum warahmatulllahhiwabarakatuh....


Emergency Kit
Things that I can suggest (in fact these are among the things that I have in my emergency kit);

1. tyre repair kits (complete with the canister)
2. the norm bike tools (screwdriver, spannar, pliers etc).
3. Few plastic cable tie
4. Few fuses
5. towing rope
6. few wires of different sizes
7. few bolt & nuts of different sizes + some split washers
8. duct tape
9. super glue
10. epoxy
11. small torch
12. spare brake & gear lever
13. spare spark plug umpat
14. spare bulbs
15. small, homemade jumper cable
16. small piece of sand paper
17. small piece of rubber (potong from tube basikal)
18. Cash (I call it duit selit), and not to be used unless emergency.

It may seems a lot, but all these can be pack and compacted nicely in the kit, just nice for personal usage. Kalau ada kawan2 yg lain in ur group having the problem that I’ve mentioned but they just come for the trip lenggang-lenggang with their sub-standard maintenance, BIARKAN DIA MAMPOS ikhtiar sendiri dulu. Think for yourself 1st. What will happen if after he used your tyre kit, few KM down the road, you encounter the same problem? In another words, berilah bantuan kepada buddy kita itu, tapi dengan berhemah.


Motor Sing/Siam

boya ... pasal insurance tu ... sama mcm bawak kenderaan ke negara jiran .... kita kena beli insurance utk cover org yg kita langgar ... tp bukan kenderaan kita ....... kalau bike malaysia accident kat thai ... dia org bawak balik mesia declare accident kat mesia gak
inspection motor siam RM6 hengget ..... + insurance RM60.50 + roadtax 1 year RM10 = RM76.50 yearly not include ICP RM100 per 3 month ...
Kalu setahun 476.50 aje

just nak kongsi pengalaman aje la kan..dulu aku ada pakai moto siam gak tapi pakai kejap jek sebab aku hanya berani lari 140km/j jek... ...pastu aku terpaksa jual moto tu atas sebab2 peribadi lah...

tapi masa aku pakai moto tu aku pernah ler kena tahan ngan polis masa gi pd..aku pun hulur ler semua dokumen yg berkaitan ngan moto tu..polis pun tgk tapi tak cakap apa2 cuma aku kena saman sebab tak gantung "L" ...

tapi honestly la aku cakap kalo rasa nak pakai moto luar ni bleh pakai tapi hati mau kering bro..kalo dokumen lengkap rasa aku tak salah apa2 la kan...

itu jek yg aku nak share..yg lelain tu lu org pikir la sendiri....
aku sejak tahun 2002 dah guna sbk singapore. sampai hari ni x pernah ada problem dengan kastam/JPJ/polis... tak pernah risau tentang semua tu sebab documentation/paperwork semua complete.. hingga hari ni cuma 1 kali je kene saman sebab number plate jatuh bila riding, aku tak perasan.
Edited by jo-han, 15 Mar 2009, 09:18 PM.

stakat yg aku tau muto obersea ni kalu yg slalu kantoi ngan JPJ and kastam adalah document dia...

mcm contoh muto Thai...ikut document rasmi JPJ Negara Thai (gral suaangm khah mah naam khohmm phrathep thai )...kalu beli muto katsana ..dia datang skali ngan Buku Ijau.mcm gran muto Malaysia lah...or..yg copy translated and stamp certified copy by Thai JPJ tu yg valid..tapi ramai yg tak tau..slalu beli drp org tengah...gran muto dia kasi yg copy..photostate..takder chop...dan slalu kalu JPJ kat border tahan muto Thai...ayat pertama dia tanya...."boleh tengok ICP"....kalu JPJ Terengganu ker..Pahang ker...normally dia orang tak expert sangat ttg benda-benda ni...slamat..

ni aku "dapat" info drp Cik Kudir Wan Kembang kita...dia expert dlm hal-hal muto obesea nih....

Dir...WfS 229 BKK already changed to TAV 5001 ..

mengikut pendapat kawan2 dan sedara kpd member kat kastam johor...kalu document lengkap, insuran idup, COE (sing) idup; mmg takde masalah.

-Thailand nombor platnya original blakangnya tulisan Cacing(Thai depan takder plat) normally M'sian tuko jadi rumi..kalu JPJ nak charge...easy money...plat depan rumi...tu mendatory kalu masuk Mesia

-Banyak yg sangkut ngan Kastam + JPJ ni normally Muto Siam..coz banyak kes penipuan gran and
( Info Drp JPJ Thai Malay Border)
*ramai yg aku jumpa owner m'sian yg pakai muto siam nih...just ada gran Photostate jer..spatutnya kena ada skali "Buku Ijau dia .."

-kompem Muto Siam ni takleh nak taruk nama pemilik Mesia jika takder workpermit..
(Thai regulation nih)

saya baru dapat email dari ketua unit khidmat pelanggan JPJ, beliau menyatakan bahawa sah utk menunggang moto dari negara jiran jika mempunyai cukai jalan dan insuran yang laku di tanah air
Peraturan bagi kenderaan dan pemandu asing yang memasuki Malaysia adalah berdasarkan Motor Vehicles (International Circulation ) Rules 1967.

Syarat Pengeluaran Permit Edaran Antarabagsa (ICP)

1. Mengemukakan borang JPJK9 dan syarat di atas dipatuhi. Borang permohonan adalah percuma.
2. Mematuhi dan diluluskan oleh pihak Pelabuhan Kastam Malaysia bagi membolehkan kenderaan terlibat dibawa masuk ke Negara Malaysia. (jika kenderaan dibawa masuk melalui pelabuhan)
3. Tempoh sahlaku ICP ialah 90 hari dan boleh dilanjutkan atas kelulusan Pengarah JPJ Negeri yang berkaitan bagi tempoh tambahan 90 hari yang tidak melebihi 180 hari dalam satu tahun.

Walaubagaimanapun peraturan ini dikecualikan kepada kenderaan motor dari Singapura dan Brunei.


A.Syarat Kemasukan Kenderaan Persendirian

1. Kenderaan hendaklah berdaftar di negara asal
2. Mempamerkan nombor pendaftaran didalam huruf Roman. (nombor pendaftaran merah dari Thailand tidak dibenarkan masuk)
3. Mempunya perakuan pendaftaran kenderaan dengan terjemahan Bahasa Malaysia atau Inggeris.
4. Mempunya perlindungan insurans Pihak Ketiga.(Insurans Malaysia)
5. Mematuhi peraturan dibawah Kaedah Pembinaan dan Peggunaaan 1959.
6. Cermin depan hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang 75% manakala cermin tepi dan belakang hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang 50%.
7. Mempunyai lesen memandu dengan terjemahan Bahasa Malaysia atau Inggeris.
8. Penunggang motosikal diwajibkan memakai topi keledar.
9. Pemandu kereta atau van diwajibkan memakai talipinggang keledar.

B.Syarat Kemasukan Kenderaan Perdagangan

1. Semua kenderaan barangan dan perkhidmatan awam termasuk decontrolled (pick-up) perlu mematuhi syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh Lembaga Perlesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (LPKP); Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Pelancongan, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan atau lain-lain pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan.
2. Pemandu kenderaan barangan, perkhidmatan awam dan decontrolled (pick-up) mesti mempunyai lesen Goods Driving Licence (GDL), Public Service Vehicle (PSV) dan Konduktor seperti yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan Malaysia.

RE: Pertanyaaan : No Siri : SXSCKL6Mþ
From: Ketua Unit Khidmat Pelanggan (
Sent: Tuesday, 21 Jul, 2009 5: 12 PM
To: 'Mohd Zahirudin' (

Sah jika mempnyai cukai jalan dan insuran yang laku di Malaysia.

Terima kasih


Ketua Unit Khidmat Pelanggan

Bahagian Korporat Dan Penyelidikan

JPJ Malaysia Putrajaya

Tel : 03-88892714 Fak : 03-88866512

Emel :

From: Mohd Zahirudin []
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 12:57 PM
Subject: Pertanyaaan : No Siri : SXSCKL6M

Nama/Name:Mohd Zahirudin




Komen/Comment:Adakah sah untuk saya menggunakan motorsikal yang didaftarkan di singapura untuk kegunaan di Malaysia?

Bro basically "mempunyai cukai jalan yang sah" = the 1st syarat.

Mempunyai insuran yang sah = the 2nd syarat. FYI even thier 3rd party covers the vehicle in singapore, malaysia and thailand (80km from the malaysia-thai border) so this means it is sah di malaysia and you are the named driver / rider.
ap plak hukum utk rider2 kapcai kat sempadan esp kt kelantan n perlis..
sumer duk pakat beli moto siam..bukan stakat moto..TV plasma pon beli kt sana..hohohohoh
ak ad gak tnya diorang..diorang ckp kena ad insurans..xde pulak yg ckp sal ICP...
ad sorang insan yg ku kenali pakai moto yamaha EGO thai reg kt KL ni...dia ckp kalo road block..tnjuk insurans je...da lepas..
dia bwk motor 2 dr rantau panjang sampai KL...
tp polis mmg suka tahan moto dia..sbb plet AG* 1 NRW...kalo kt malaysia..plet 1 ni..raja je pakai..kalo kat siam..makcik jual buah pon bleh pakai.
betul tu member aku ada pakai plat DA* Honda Wave..aku tnya berapa beli no..dia ckp free je..beli ngan moto..dari Thai..masuk sini..g tukar je..pastu dia ckp xde problem pun ngan roadblock polis ke jpj ke.. yg tu xsure laa knapa..ada ilmu kot aku pun nk g survey kat thailand laa umah bkn jauh pun ngan sempadan Kelantan-Thai tu..30km jer
Salam Bro... Kalau nak pakai sgt motor thailand yg murah2 kena tunggu kastam perlis bukak tender.. check balik awal tahun depan... last tender cb400 rm15k, hayabusa rm30k .....murah tu.... YANG PENTING SEDIAKAN DUIT CASH DARI SEKARANG... geran semua baru n tak yah dok pening2 kepala takut kena tahan

My personal opinion baik jangan la..negara org kita pun tak berapa faham diaorg punya rules. Sy sendiri pun pening dibuatnya. Sy pakai moto CBR 600 RR reg Singapore. Dua kali beli mula2 angkat CBR 600 RR '04..3 bulan pakai g S'pore renew roadtax OTW balik aksiden kat Melaka. Moto kira total losed, chasis bengkok..ambik plak insuran 3rd party..habis..modal RM 35K HANGUS mcm tu je..Memang la bike sana 1/2 lebih murah daripada M'sia tapi..Rules and urusan inspection setahun sekali kita kena buat. Nak masuk S'pore bukan mcm kat M'sia. Direction x mcm kat M'sia. Cthnya bila kita kat highway, signboard akan tunjuk tempat yg satu direction dengan hala yg kita tuju. Contohnya: K.Lumpur-Seremban-Melaka-Johor Bharu akan taruk dalam 1 signboard. Tht mean kalau dari KL direction ke Selatan akan jumpa Seremban dulu, pas tu Melaka pas to JB. In between KL dan Seremban lg akan ada sign board lain utk exit lain mcm Serdang, Puterajaya, Bangi, Nilai sblm sampai S'ban. Kalau kat S'pore sign board tak mcm kat M'sia. Exit pakai no..Org Spore sdiri pun kadang2 tpaksa guna GPRS utk track location kat sana. Kalau yang dah expert S'pore lain la. Tak tahan sanggap ngan bike, sy pun beli sebijik lg CBR 600 RR tp yg ni 2005 nye. Document memeng complete atas nama saya sendiri siap guna alamat KL lg...budget tak ada nak beli kat M'sia..yg ni sy dapat murah sikit RM 27K je sbb beli direct dgn owner. Apakan daya..Kalau nak ikutkan nak beli moto M'sia je. Nak dijadikan cerita baru2 ni saya g S'pore utk renew roadtax & Inspection..Sangkut kat LTA (kira JPJ S'pore) sbb moto yg accident tu ada saman. Check balik rupanya ada 1 saman parking..bunyinya mcm x de apa..alaaa..apa sangat saman parking..kalau kat M'sia RM 30.00 je. Yg terkejutnya saman parking tu siap ada waran tangkap masuk lokap lg..nasib baik ada member budak S'pore jamin SGD$ 500.00 and saya bayar saman SGD$ 300.00 sbb tak hadir ke mahkamah S'pore.Moto lama alamat guna alamat kat S'pore and runner yg tlg belikan moto sy x f/up untuk tukar alamat dgn sy lepas sy accident. Kalau nak beli moto kat S'pore make sure: 1. Nama tukar dgn nama sendiri dalam geran moto. 2. Insurans pun nama sendiri and guna alamat sendiri yg kat M'sia. Ada org kata tak boleh..sebenarnya boleh. 2nd rider tu kalau boleh letak la nama member2 kita kat M'sia. Jgn guna nama org S'pore. Kalau banyak duit boleh beli polisi insuran 1st party (Comprensive) or 2nd party. Kat S'pore ada insurans 2nd party. 3. Kalau boleh elakkan guna khidmat pintu belakang utk buat urusan seperti inspection, roadtax dsb sbb ada kes yang kena tipu oleh runner. Ada runner yg tak boleh pakai..dah la charge mahal..Hati2 sbb ada member sy runner buatkan roadtax moto dia utk 2 hari je..nak renew roadtax je bila LTA check roadtax lama dah mati.,bagus kalau boleh buat sendiri..4. Saman2 kat S'pore jgn ambik remeh walaupun saman parking je..Pendek kata..pelan2 kayuh..kumpul duit..ambik B Full-Beli moto kat Malaysia walaupun mahal..Apa nak nak buat..tunggu la Brother2 or Otai2 kita dari SBM jd PM or Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa nanti boleh mansuhkan cukai import moto berkuasa tinggi..aminn..
Kalau moto S'pore ni hanya rider yang tercatat namanya dalam cover note insurans je yang boleh bawak moto tu kalau ikut undang2 S'pore la..Owner pastikan jadi 1st rider atas penama polisi insurans. Insurans kat S'pore yang cover untuk moto ada satu je tak mcm kat M'sia banyak syarikat insurans yang boleh bagi perlindungan utk moto kita. ONLY NTUC Income je yang diberi kuasa untuk menjadi cover insurans semua moto / vehicle kat S'pore. Kalau kat Singapore polis diaorg buat road block mmg tak banyak ckp. Dia mintak IC n Driving Licence je pas tu dia check kat computer base on no reg moto / vehicle. Kat database diaorg punya polis or LTA mcm"JPJ"la kat M'sia semua akan dapat trace termasuk insuran cover atas nama siapa, roadtax valid or dah mati, COE, Inspection due date dsb. Kalau kata yang bawak motor tu bukan owner yg mana nama ada dlm cover note insurans tu tak ada jawabnya MASUK DALAM la..Charge curi moto..kalau accident insurans tak cover sbb bukan owner or authorised rider.

Moto S'pore ada roadtax guna kertas A4 "bodo" je. Tak mcm roadtax M'sia sbb polis kat sana takkan mintak roadtax kertas "bodo" tu masa road block sbb diaorg check je database semua dapat. System diaorg fully computerized. Polis sana plak tak makan "cowtim2 luar" kalau cowtim lagi kena dakwa rasuah plak..lagi parah..

RE: Pertanyaan‏
From: Ketua Unit Khidmat Pelanggan (
Sent: Tuesday, 4 Aug, 2009 10: 20 PM
To: 'Hafizi Abdullah' (
Dengan mendapat permit ICP di sempadan bagi tempuh 90 hari sahaja

Terima kasih

Ketua Unit Khidmat Pelanggan
Bahagian Korporat Dan Penyelidikan
JPJ Malaysia Putrajaya

Tel : 03-88892714 Fak : 03-88866512
Emel :

From: Hafizi Abdullah []
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 6:17 PM
Subject: Pertanyaan

Assalamulaikum Tuan.

Adakah sah untuk saya menggunakan motorsikal yang didaftarkan di Thailand untuk kegunaan di Malaysia?


30/7/09-di Pahang (JPJ Paloh Inai) & di Lebuhraya Pantai Timur...sye naik muto anak kelahiran Temasik...JPJ hanya tanya "...tengok lesen...." & soalan paling bes "..berapa muto bleh naik?..."..

xde tanya pe yg pnting,roadtax de...insuran de...dats it

Lay up tht mean moto tu tak boleh sama sekali berada di atas jalan raya SINGAPURA. kalau kat M'sia x ada la isu tu cuma mcm JPJ or Polis Malaysia pun akan mintak kita tunjukkan roadtax S'pore kalau ada. Kalau tak ada pun JPJ or Polis M'sia pada asasnya tak boleh saman sbb mcm tolong K'jan S'pore plak samankan vehicle yg tak bayar road tax kat negara S'pore. Tapi polis or JPJ Malaysia akan mintak B-Full licence and diaorg boleh saman part2 lain mcm side mirror, plate number, lampu signal dan kesalahan2 lain di bawah akta jalanraya / akta pengangkuan jalan.

Moto yg lay up pada dasarnya tak ada roadtax and insurans cover. 2 ke 3 tahun kena re-register balik. masalahnya moto bila tak ada insurans kita berani ke nak bawak? Kalau takat jatuh kita patah2 tak pe lg. Kalau accident cthnya langar org lain sampai patah kaki plak org yg kita langar tu apamacamm? Naik court kena saman plak ganti rugi mamat yg kita langar tu mintak pampasan tulang kaki patah..kalau tulang kaki (Femur) patah kurang2 RM 40-60K. Kalau ada duit boleh la byr..kalau tak ada MASUK DALAM lg la jawabnya..

Kat S'pore diaorg lay up moto bukan nak pakai tapi nak simpan kat garage, bungkus dgn selimut utk 2-3 tahun or moto yang nak jual kat kedai moto sblm dapat buyer yg jd owner baru biasanya diaorg lay up la moto tu..Kalau syarikat insurance kat Malaysia sy tak pasti plak boleh cover vehicle dari luar sbb maklumat insurans dan vehicle ni kena masukkan dalam computerized sistem dan ada term2 tertentu dari syarikat insurans itu sendiri contohnya link dgn JPJ kalau kat M'sia. Dah renew insurans baru boleh renew roadtax..Tak renew insurans roadtax pun SANGKUT..

Nasihat saya, kalau pakai moto Reg. S'pore or Thailand PASTIKAN: 1. Moto tu ada geran yg mana kita sendiri sebagai owner moto tu. 2. Insurans cover n Roadtax VALID atas nama sendiri..bukan orang lain. Kalau S'pore, insurans cover (Singapore-Malaysia-Sempadan Thailand) Masuk Vietnam or Bangla dah tak cover. 3. Patuhi undang2 negara yang mana moto kita tu register such as inspection schedule, roadtrax,COE renew, parking, tol and saman2 kat negara tersebut. Kalau buat proper documentation n ikut rules insyaAllah takde la masalah cuma kena rajin g S'pore or Thailand berurusan 6 bulan or setahun sekali.

Kalau nak convert ke Reg Malaysia sangat susah..kena cari AP, bayar AP, bayar cukai kat Kastam Diraja Malaysia, inspection kat PUSPAKOM, kena dapatkan Export permission dari LTA (kalau Reg. Singapore), kena mohon transfer file ke Malaysia, Reg. kat JPJ Malaysia,,bayar lg tup2..last sekali harga macam beli kat , kejenya banyak dan tak berbaloi..

Kongsi pengalaman: JPJ Karak highway sblm R&R Genting Sempah.

JPJ: Org Singapore or Malaysia.?

Zakie: Malysia Tuan! (Kontrol gigil sbb saya tak ambik B-Full lg).

JPJ: Berapa RM beli moto ni?

Zakie: RM 27K tuan.

JPJ: Kalau beli kat M'sia berapa RM plak?

Zakie: Brand new or 2nd hand tuan?

JPJ: Kalau baru?

Zakie: adalah dalam RM 70K on the road kat NAZA bike. CBR 600 RR '04 AP-Recond.

JPJ: Kalau 2nd hand?

Zakie: Kat Sunny Cycle ada sebiji '04 colour hitam nak letgo RM 68K..

JPJ: Mahalnya!..nak g mana ni?

Zakie: Layan2 coner hujung minggu tuan.

JPJ: Ok la..hati2 bawak moto..

Yg penting biarlah moto yg kita bwk tu cukup sifat mcm side mirror ada, signal standard, plat number nampak jelas dan attire kita complete utk safety mcm boot, jacket, glove and helmet..insyaAllah selamat. Time tu tak tanya pun roadtax and lesen..

tak settle2 lagi isu mtr luar ni sampai sekang ek... takpe la.. nasihat saya, jikalau mampu utk tampung hobi mahal ni, pakai la mtr msia... kalau tak mampu, pandai2 la cari jalan untuk dapatkan apa yg kita nak...

cuma, harap2 takde la yg buat benda2 yg menyalahi undang2...

selama beberapa tahun ni, kebanyakan orang bertanyakan soalan yg sama je. bila jawab, ada yg tanya lagi...

cth: bole pakai ke mtr sg ni?....

kepada yg nak bertanya soalan2 asas, sila browse thread dr awal. kepada yg tukang menjawab pulak, tolong pastikan ilmu yg nak disampaikan tu benar & bukan sekadar rasa2 atau "aku dengar si anu cakap...".

utk yg berpengalaman, boleh lah berkongsi dengan yg baru menceburkan diri dlm bidang "pakai motor luar"...

utk soalan coe -
setiap kenderaan yg luput coe, boleh renew 5 atau 10 tahun. utk yg renew 5 tahun, lepas dr tahun ke-5 tu, takleh renew lagi. mesti scrap. utk yg 10 tahun, boleh renew.

hari tu, dorang ada turunkan harga coe, tapi kebelakangan ni naik balik. basically, sesiapa yg nak renew coe, kos dlm +-SGD1k utk coe sahaja. tak termasuk admin, etc.

ramai juga yg tak gemar guna motor luar... bagus juga sbb elakkan diri dari perkara2 yg tak perlu. tapi, pada yg tak mampu, mungkin ni pilihan terbaik. cuma, janganlah kita komen byk2.... takut2 nampak macam memperkecilkan orang lain atas apa yg Allah anugerahkan.

kalau ada masalah apa2, inilah gunanya forum. kita kongsi masalah & cara penyelesaian... insyaAllah.

Pasal COE expired ni sy pun tgh study lg. Ada gak tanya member kat Sg dia pun x berapa faham katanya. Nanti sy tanya LTA dah dpt info sy update kat forum ni. Renew COE 5 or 10 tahun sy ada dengar bro runner ckp. Kalau renew COE 5 tahun abis je 5 tahun tu kalau x scrap tepaksalah export ke luar Sg tp ada few document / forms kena fill up kat LTA before export vehicle to ke luar Sg cth nya M'sia. AP plak kena ada sblm nak export. AP ni isu sikit esp kalau nak AP impor dari M'sia sbb mahal gila due to our gov taxes yang 200% atas moto berkuasa tinggi. Nak murah sikit cari AP student.

Kalau renew COE 10 tahun bila dah expired boleh renew lg. Ni apa yang sy dpt maklumat dari bro Runner bike Sg. Kalau ada kesilapan harap dapat perbetulkan. Renew COE ni plak bayaran kena Bidding. Tak faham plak antara sape dgn sape bidding2 ni. Ada gak dengar2 fee utk renew COE ni mahal..lagi terasa MAHAL bila convert SGD$ kpd RM. Yg tu nanti sy tanya LTA. Kalau nak cari info pasal moto / vehicle Sg bolehlah log on at

Kalau nak kira roadtax ke, check saman ke, Check COE info boleh la log on kat website diatas. Kalau scrap Rebate ada kira2 bila COE expired dan bila tarikh nak scrap. Kalau nak call LTA S'pore lg senang kalau nak dapatkan info: +6562255582.


Tugas Penunggang Motosikal Setiap Hari


a).Sebelum keluar menunggang setiap hari
b)Semasa rehat setiap hari
c)Setelah selesai perjalanan hari itu.

a) Sebelum keluar menunggang setiap hari.
Bagi memudah dan meringkaskan tugas pemeriksaan yang mesti dijalankan oleh penunggang maka tugas tersebut dirangkumkan kepada 13 perkara seperti berikut:-

1)Periksa tayar hadapan
2)Periksa tayar belakang
3)Periksa rantai
4)Periksa bateri
5)Periksa minyak injin
6)Periksa minyak petrol
7)Tarik choke dan hidupkan injin
8)Periksa lampu besar hadapan tinggi dan rendah
9)Periksa lampu brake
10)Periksa lampu isyarat disebelah kanan hadapan dan belakang dan disebelah kiri hadapan dan belakang
11)Periksa kelegaan brake kaki,brake tangan dan clutch
12)Periksa hon
13)Periksa trotol dan kelegaan minyak.

Untuk menentukan tiap-tiap motosikal itu berkeadan sempurna dan layak digunakan diatas jalanraya

1) Periksa tayar, jika ada batu-batu terlekat buangkan.
2) Periksa tekanan angin tayar samada kurang, ambil tindakan.
3) periksa barang-barang yang baru diganti/baiki

1) Isi minyak petrol/injin secukupnya.
2) Bersihkan motosikal
3) Sekiranya terdapat kerosakan ambil tindakan.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Suzuki TL1000R - The Twin with a top end
Suzuki TL1000R - The Twin with a top end
Suzuki TL1000R Left-Hand-Front (24k)I had the TLR for 2 days and 700 pretty hard kilometres, during this time the big Suzuki really grew on me.

First impressions were - God this thing is bloody heavy, that clutch is a nightmare.

Last impressions were - this thing is great fun and has some real stomp.

Now for the bit in the middle.

The TLR hasn't sold as well as Suzuki would have liked, there are many reasons for this. The wowser response to some plonkers having crashes just after the release of the TL1000S and blaming instability may be one of the main reasons.

Another big reason for the sales not being too fantastic is how carried away we are getting with numbers. For instance, in Yamaha adverts these days all we get bombarded with are weight and horsepower figures. We have all got a bit carried away with this and forget that on the road weight is not such a big issue.

The engine feels great and does not tail off at all before hitting the rev-limiter, which had me bouncing off the limiter with alarming regularity. The bike is still really pulling hard as it hits the limiter and I found this quite annoying. The dyno charts show that my seat of the pants impressions were well founded. You can see how far both the R1 and ZX-9R carry on pulling after their absolute horsepower peaks, while the TLR has a very short spread of peak power.

I think I would investigate a way of raising the limit by another 1000 rpm to give a bit of over-run (this would affect any warranty claims on the engine). The Honda VTR is a bit dead in the upper rev ranges, while the TLR has a great appetite for revs that is only interrupted by the early intervention of the premature rev-limiter.

The TLR on test was fitted with Yoshimura pipes and pumped out 119 horsepower at the rear wheel. This compares to the 128 and 132 we got from the Kawasaki ZX9R and Yamaha R1 respectively. (Dyno Charts)

Those bikes are also around 20 kilos lighter than the TLR.

The weight of the TLR is felt when first hopping aboard (more so than on a VTR), but on the move it really isn't much of an issue. The steering damper makes things a bit heavy in slow speed manoeuvring but other than that it is well balanced and supremely stable. If I owned a TLR I would be tempted to junk the steering damper. I have been told however that insurance companies may refuse to pay out on an insurance claim if the damper is removed - bummer.
The TLR has a great note through the Yoshi pipes and its looks drew praise from nearly every non-biker I came across on my travels North East of Perth. The roads I chose to take the TLR on provided a constant barrage of very fast open sweepers, with more than a few bumps thrown in together with quite a strong side-wind for good measure.

Suzuki TL1000R in front of old truck (17k)This provided a real test of high speed stability which the TLR passed with flying colours. I was a bit concerned about the lack of feedback but decided to use the slow in - fast out principle for a bit of a safety margin. I feel that a more aggressive front tyre profile, such as that of a 207GP Dunlop, rather than the standard issue front Metzeler would aid turn in and front end feel. This would of course come at the cost of some of the stability but I think it would be a trade off worth having for the more experienced rider. The bike on test had been fitted with a D207 rear.

The horn is so pathetic it is funny. The pipes make a lovely deep bark that gives the toy train set style horn no hope of being heard. I think it must have been the same item as used on the RF900R.

The brakes are excellent, I tested them many times to a complete stop from high speed and they coped admirably. The other Japanese twin, the VTR, is greatly lacking in this area.

The 6-speed gearbox is great with a smooth, positive shift but the clutch is a two-stage affair that I found a little difficult to get along with.

In the first stage you can slip the clutch a little, but so little friction happens between the plates that it provides no useful drive, ease the clutch out a tiny fraction more and the clutch locks solid. Fast getaways can not be completed without the front wheel in the air, the height can be controlled on the throttle quite smoothly though if lengthy monos are in your repartee of tricks. By the way, stoppies are also easily performed on the TLR.

Out of low speed corners the TLR will also lift its front wheel on the exit while still in quite a lean angle if you get on the power early. A bit of authoritative shoulder work along with the aid of the steering damper makes sure that the front wheel comes down in the direction you want it to go. Be prepared to use some force and take charge of the bike rather than just going along for the ride.
Suzuki TL1000R in front of tank tracks (21k)The injection system has room for improvement with the bike hunting at low engine speeds. Maybe Suzuki should buy a VFR 800 and learn some lessons from them in that department. Maybe the huge 52mm throttle bodies provide airflow problems at low speeds that could not be overcome without sacrificing top-end power, as the VFR 800 does.

The fuel range is just under 200 kilometres if your right hand gets a bit carried away, I am sure this could be stretched to around 250 kilometres or more if using a bit of self-restraint.

If you are after a V-Twin I can also say that the TLR is by far the most comfortable and vibe-free choice I have sampled. The TLR is very comfortable in fact.

In conclusion I must say that the TLR is a well finished and great performing sportsbike - the new VTR-SP1 will have to be a great machine to best the Suzuki TL1000R.

Engine: 995cc, 4-stroke, V-Twin, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve
Measured Power 119 rear wheel horsepower (Dyno Charts)
Measured Torque 98 N.M. (Dyno Charts)
Bore/Stroke: 98 x 66mm
Compression Ratio: 11.7:1
Induction: Electronic Dual-Stage Fuel Injection - 52mm throttle bodies
Lubrication: Wet sump
Ignition: Digital
Starter: Electric
Transmission: 6-speed
Overall Length: 2105mm
Overall Width: 740mm
Overall Height: 1125mm
Seat Height: 810mm
Wheelbase: 1400mm
Dry Weight: 197kg (228kg - wet)
Front Suspension: Suzuki TL1000R forks and brakes (10k)Fully adjustable 43mm inverted front forks (USD) with aluminium triple clamps, steering stem and steering damper
Rear Suspension: Rotary Damper, fully adjustable for compression and damping
Front Brakes: 6-piston Tokico calipers with 320mm floating discs
Rear Brakes: Single 220mm hydraulic disc - dual piston caliper
Tyres : 120/70 ZR-17 (front), 190/50-ZR-17 (rear)
Fuel Capacity: 17 Litres


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